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Our business is a small family organization that we have been operating for more than 15 years. Most of the family have been involved in one way or another as the business has evolved.

We once became involved in everything from repairs to installations. We figured out that trying to be well organized to perform all these tasks was a very tall order.

So now we have refined our business to focus on residential installations in our local areas, our guarantee is now;

A commitment to installing air conditioners into the homes of our local people with perfection!

Our experience

Most of the technicians in our family began working for manufacturing companies the like's of Carrier, Trane and York.

Our specialty was in the service and repair of all types air conditioning equipment. Our main role in the early years was in the service side of multi story office buildings, shops and factories.

In our case we were responsible for the mechanical services. This included the air conditioning, exhaust fans, stair well pressurization and all the systems in the background that keep you comfortable and safe.

Environmental responsibility

Environmentally our industry is extremely significant in many areas however in the residential market we only need to take care in a few ways;

This is what we do;

  • We remove and recycle the refrigerant from all the redundant air conditioners we have decommissioned.
  • All the metal from these redundant air conditioners and our scraps are recycled.
  • The air conditioners we recommend contain the latest technology in environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • We understand the importance of not only supplying energy efficient air conditioners but the importance installing these systems in a manner which ensures these products operate at peak efficiency.
  • It is also important to install an air conditioner with the correct capacity for the task, Pettit Air will always carry out heat load calculations and combine these figures with our experience to guarantee the optimum performance of the system.

Occupational health and safety

Safety is the most important area to concentrate on, Pettit Air's policy is zero harm!

Over the years Pettit Air has focused on safety and has documented all of our procedures into "Safe Work Method Statements". Our OH&S procedures focus on the safety of everyone at the workplace including the workers, our customer's and anyone near the worksite. Our procedures meet the highest of standards.

So be rest assured, when we are working at your home, both you and our team will be safe and finish the day as healthy as they began.

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