About Us

Matthew Pettit and John Pettit are the Directors of  “Pettit Air & Electrical Pty Ltd”, current licences include:


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Licence No: 218227C.

Electrical Work Licence No: 153444 (Restricted to Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)

Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) Ref No:  AU 37780

QUEENSLAND – QBCC – Matthew Pettit Licence No: 1060091.  

Please note that all works valued GREATER THAN $3,200.00 in Queensland Only will be processed through this licence number. Works valued at LESS THAN $3,200.00 in Queensland Only, will be processed through company name Pettit Air and Electrical Pty Ltd.


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration / Electrical Licence No: 166436C (NSW).


We have 70 years of combined experience in our family still working within the HVAC industry.

This is a family operation with a strong belief that your home or office, factory or boat or ship are the most important acquisitions you have made and that you deserve the best possible service to maintain and nurture your investment.



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